Inpatient/Resident/Client Mask Use

15 October 2020

(Message on Behalf of Manitoba Health, Seniors & Active Living, Shared Health Manitoba, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and Riverview Health Centre) As COVID-19 is expected to be a part of the “new normal” in our community, and our facility, efforts are underway to find a longer-term balance between preventing the spread of this virus and…
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September 25, 2020 COVID-19 Update

25 September 2020

We have been made aware that a health care worker at Riverview Health Centre has tested positive for COVID-19.   Their last day worked was September 8, 2020 and the employee has not worked since.  Therefore, it has been determined that there is no risk of exposure to residents, patients or staff. At this time, no residents, patients or…
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September 15, 2020 COVID-19 Update

15 September 2020

To our Residents, Family and Staff, With cooler fall temperatures approaching, the Manitoba government has announced plans to support continued social visits for our Personal Care Home Residents.  As announced publicly September 15, 2020, Manitobans living in personal care homes will be able to visit with their loved ones into the winter months with the help…
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Important Announcement for Indoor Hospital and Personal Care Home (PCH) Visitation

29 July 2020

Effective Saturday, August 1, 2020, Shared Health Manitoba has directed that a non-medical mask or face-covering must be worn by all indoor visitors in Manitoba Personal Care Homes and Hospitals (until that date, this is required in PCH and recommended in Hospital). Non-medical masks or face-coverings remain recommended (but not required) for all outdoor visits. Please…
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Riverview Health Centre Personal Care Home Visiting Changes

23 July 2020

Dear PCH Resident Families As you may have seen in the media, the Manitoba government, along with Public Health officials, are currently planning for phase 4 of “opening the economy”. Included in this phase, we are happy to share with you, are some enhancements to family caregiver presence within personal care homes in Manitoba while…
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Health Views Archive

6 July 2020

Health Views is a publication of Riverview Health Centre to provide information about the Centre’s programs, initiatives and activities to both the broader community and to its staff and patients

Personal Care Home (PCH) On-site Indoor Visitation during Very Low Levels of COVID-19

23 June 2020

Dear Resident Families: Personal Care Home (PCH) On-site Indoor Visitation during Very Low Levels of COVID-19 Across Canada, the risk that COVID-19 poses to the residents of personal care homes (PCHs) is clear. Efforts to prevent, quickly identify and contain “outbreaks” of COVID-19 continue to be vital to protecting populations that are most vulnerable to…
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Update on Deliveries for Patients/Residents

11 June 2020

We are pleased to report that we are now able to accept limited food/flower/plant deliveries for patients/residents, with the following requirements: Any food/flowers/plants delivered for patients or residents must be strictly for that individual patient/resident only. Such items may not be shared with any other patients/residents/staff (and we are not able to accept communal gifts…
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