Patient Focused Care

Access to meals, as well as medicines, clinical, therapeutic and support services, is thoughtfully planned and provided according to need in residents’ rooms or nearby.

Patient Care Teams

Teams are managed by a Patient Care Manager and provide all services required for each patient’s optimum care. That includes physicians, nurses, therapists, a social worker, a pharmacist and other disciplines as needed.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

All Riverview care providers work together with patients on interdisciplinary Patient Care Teams, instead of working in isolation through independent departments.

A Hospital or a Home?

Riverview Health Centre offers all the services of a hospital but is designed to feel more like home. Research has found that medical facilities with a home-like environment have a more positive impact on the attitude and well-being of patients. In a nurturing, comfortable setting, patients enjoy not only a better quality of life, but they also recover and heal more quickly.

The intentional design and delivery of services at Riverview promote a sense of community and caring for patients and residents. All of our buildings are connected to a Town Square that includes a Family Room, cafeteria, worship centre, gift shop and hair salon.

Admissions and Referrals

Riverview Health Centre provides care, rehab and recovery programming as well as long-term or palliative care for the chronically sick, disabled or terminally ill. Unlike acute care hospitals, we do not have an emergency department and patients have no direct access to our Centre’s beds.


All admissions are planned in advance, so we receive information about patients and residents prior to their arrival at the Centre.


Patients and residents come to Riverview as a result of physician referrals and coordination with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA). We collaborate with several regional programs to admit people who will benefit from our specialized services.

Areas of Care

Depending on the type of program, the admission process requires a written application by a physician. Programs include Long-Term Care, Brain Injury & Stroke, Palliative Care, Special Needs and Outpatient Services.

The Riverview Health Centre Foundation

We are committed to helping those needing rehab, special needs, long-term or palliative care live life to the fullest while receiving quality of care and quality of life they need. Your contribution will help fund innovative programming, new equipment, specialized services, research and education, so that our Centre can continue a legacy of caring for years to come.

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