Your Rights

Riverview Health Centre respects patients and families

While at Riverview Health Centre, you have the following rights:

  • The right to receive care and service that meets or exceeds established standards of practice.
    • To receive your care from qualified and knowledgeable staff.
    • To receive care consistent with your personal needs while promoting independence with self-care and choice in carrying out day-to-day activities, including selecting the clothing you wish to wear every day.
    • To live in a safe and clean environment.
    • To be treated as an individual with unique needs and preferences.
    • To receive respectful and courteous care at all times.
    • To be free of physical or chemical restraints unless assessed as necessary to provide protection from injury to yourself or others around you.
    • To receive end of life care with dignity and comfort in the presence of your family or friends.
  • The right to confidentiality and privacy.
    • To have your personal, financial and medical information kept confidential and shared only with individuals who have a ‘need to know’ this information to effectively carry out their roles.
    • To have treatment and care administered with sensitivity and respect for privacy
    • To communicate in private with any person without interference.
  • The right to information and freedom of expression.
    • To be informed of any matters pertaining to your medical condition and choices of treatment.
    • To be informed of the consequences of the decision or refusal of treatment.
    • To have access to your personal health information.
    • To participate in decisions regarding your plan of care.
    • To make choices about types of recreational and spiritual activities to attend.
    • To assign an advocate in the event that you are unable to express your care or financial decisions.
    • To expect staff to identify themselves and the role they serve prior to care delivery.
    • To own and display personal property within your private room while adhering to safety requirements, policy and the rights of other Residents and Patients.
    • To express concerns, opinions and recommendations without fear of discrimination or reprisal.
    • To attend and actively participate in the long term care ‘Resident and Family Council’, if you are a resident of Riverview Health Centre.
  • The right to live free of abuse and harm.
    • To live in an environment free of psychological, physical, financial or sexual abuse.
    • To have any allegations of abuse investigated by Riverview Health Centre and/or the “Protection for Persons in Care Office” without fear of reprisal.
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