Living at Riverview

Riverview Health Centre is the hospital that feels like home

Riverview Health Centre is a state-of-the-art 387-bed facility equipped to meet the needs of rehabilitation and long term care patients and residents.

The Centre’s building is designed using a village concept and is one of the first of its kind to include a residential type of design throughout the facility.

Riverview is designed to look and feel more like a residence than a hospital

Why? Research confirms that a home-like environment has a tremendous positive impact on residents’ attitudes and sense of well-being. They not only enjoy a better quality of life, they recover and heal more quickly.

Riverview’s architectural design and delivery of services both help patients and residents to feel at home in their units. Patients also have the option to use the facilities of the central community area. All buildings in the complex are linked to a “Town Square,” complete with solarium, cafeteria, worship centre, gift shop, hair salon, and family room.

Life at Riverview

The majority of rooms are single and fully furnished with a bed, night table, dresser, sitting chair and closet. Each room has a private washroom that is wheelchair accessible. Room selection is dependant upon room vacancy.

Outdoor Facilities

The Centre Courtyard: Located between two wings of the Centre, the area is used for outdoor entertainment, barbecues and family gatherings.

Wanderway Path: If you are a family member of a special needs resident with dementia, you may want to use the Wanderway Paths adjacent to the unit.  Sun and wind shelters, rest stops and continuous paths will help your familiy member enjoy a safe time while outdoors.  The paths also help to promote mobility and social function.

Dining Area  

The dining area in the Town Square is a place for staff, residents and famly members to gather for social events or meals.  A cafeteria and servery with grill capabilities offers full meals and made-to-order sandwiches for reasonable prices.l  There is ample comfortable seating, a view of the Centre Courtyard, and access to several vending machines.

The Worship Centre

The multi-faith Worship Centre, located on the main floor, is open to all residents, visitors and staff.  Its labyrinth is available for quieting the mind or prayerful reflection.  A schedule of worship events is posted outside the Worship Centre doors.  The Peace Garden is located through the Worship Centre side door.

The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located near the main entrance and is operated by Volunteer Services.  Stocked with gifts, greeting cards, snacks and many miscellaneous items, we strive to meet the needs of our shoppers. All proceeds are directed to projects that benefit Riverview Health Centre patients and residents. 

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