Clinical Services

Riverview Health Centre offers a myriad of clinical services.

Clinical Nutrition

Registered Dietitians (RDs) assess the nutritional status of all patients and residents admitted to Riverview Health Centre. As members of the interdisciplinary team, RDs develop individualized nutrition care plans and monitor/evaluate nutrition outcomes. Nutrition education/counselling is offered to patients/residents and families to support optimal nutrition status. The RD facilitates the continuity of the nutrition care plan into the patient’s home and community environment if discharged.

A picture of RHC staff assisting a patient

Dental Services

The University of Manitoba Dental Faculty provides dental services to patients and residents at Riverview Health Centre. The unit clerical partner can make an appointment at the request of the patient, resident or family. Charges are billed directly to the patient or resident.

If, however, the services of a private dentist are preferred, families can make arrangements. Transportation costs and dental charges in these cases are assumed by the patient or resident.



A medical radiation technologist provides services five days per week for patients and residents. A range of basic services, including general duty imaging and electrocardiograph services, is provided on-site, with more complex tests referred out to the appropriate facility.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory testing services are provided for patients and residents by Diagnostic Services of Manitoba (DSM). Phlebotomy services are provided five days per week. Routine Chemistry and Hematology testing is provided at MHC. All other testing is referred to the appropriate DSM Referral Laboratory. Transfusion Medicine services are available on site 24 hours per day.

Foot Care Program

Foot care is an integral part of routine care for patients and residents at Riverview Health Centre. Upon admission, each person undergoes a complete foot care assessment completed by the primary nurse. The assessment identifies the appropriate level of care required.

It is the responsibility of all nursing staff to provide basic foot care to patients and residents. This includes routine foot hygiene and nail care. Nursing staff have been trained in the provision of basic foot care.

If the foot care needs exceed the scope of practice of the unit nurse, the resident’s family will be provided with a list of foot care specialists.

Hospital Based Home Care

The hospital-based home care coordinator’s role is to assess a patient’s eligibility for Home Care services and to organize and access community resources as required. As well, the coordinator collaborates with the inter-disciplinary team, patient and family to plan a safe discharge from Riverview Health Centre to the community or other care setting.

Occupational Therapy

The purpose of occupational therapy is to maintain, restore or develop function and to promote quality of life. Occupational therapists provide service on all inpatient unit teams, as well as in the Day Hospital.

Occupational therapists work with patients, residents and their families in many areas. They are involved in assessment of cognition, motor function and perceptual function. As well as assessment of specific sets of tasks, such as performing self-care activities or working in the kitchen. Occupational therapists assess postural seating, help with arranging for obtaining seating systems, and training in wheelchair management. They also help with adaptation of the environment either in hospital or home, to facilitate independence and/or discharge. Service is available Monday to Friday.


Pharmacy services are provided to all units within Riverview Health Centre. In addition to the dispensing of medication, pharmacists provide education to patients, residents and families on all aspects of medication usage. Pharmacists also provide an educational resource to the other members of the multidisciplinary team on each unit.


Physiotherapy care is provided to patients and residents at Riverview Health Centre. Physiotherapy intervention begins with a comprehensive initial assessment that forms the basis of the subsequent treatment plan. Education, prevention, exercise prescription and community discharge planning are an important part of therapy.

Treatment may be directed at impaired movement or mobility, impaired respiratory function, muscle weakness, pain relief, post-operative orthopedic conditions, balance disorders. Inpatient treatment occurs on the patient care units or in the rehab gym, while outpatient care is provided in the Day Hospital for individuals over 65 years of age who must meet the criteria.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy services are available at Riverview Health Centre seven days per week. Respiratory Therapists provide care to both patients and residents with various respiratory disorders. They are involved in the management of those residents on ventilators and all individuals requiring oxygen therapy. Respiratory Therapists use a variety of assessments, treatment techniques and procedures.

Social Work

Social Workers provide psychosocial support to patients, residents and families which includes supporting them with the changes and losses associated with illness, hospitalization and transitions to long term care. Social Workers assist patients/residents with adjustment to health problems, including disability and loss. Social Workers assist patients/residents and families in accessing resources including housing, community supports and financial supports. In Long Term Care Social Work guides residents and families through the adjustment to moving and transitioning to long term care. Across all programs Social Work provides a link between the Interdisciplinary Team, residents/patients and community resources.

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists at Riverview Health Centre provide a full range of services for patients and residents with communication and/or swallowing problems. Causes of communication and swallowing problems include stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, head and neck cancers, and progressive neuromuscular disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Outpatient services are also provided to patients post discharge.

Education for patients, residents and families, as well as for Riverview staff, is an essential component of care.

Spiritual Care Services

Spiritual Health Practitioners who have been educated in theology and spiritual care offer a caring presence to any patient or resident from any faith, or of no faith who is struggling emotionally or spiritually with transitions or end-of-life care.

Spiritual care services respect all people, their beliefs, religious practices and culture. The service is involved in building a welcoming and sustaining community for those who live in long-term care settings. Connections with faith groups that can support patients, residents and families are developed and supported. As well, the Worship Centre at Riverview is always open, welcoming those who wish to pray or meditate.

Vision Services

An optometrist holds a clinic at Riverview Health Centre regularly when there are sufficient numbers of patients and residents who have requested the services. The unit clerical partner knows when the next clinic is scheduled. Fees not covered by Manitoba Health and other insurance plans are the responsibility of the patient or resident and their families. 

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