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Riverview Health Centre keeps health information private

At Riverview Health Centre, any facts about patients and residents and their health are collected, recorded, stored, used or disclosed in keeping with Manitoba’s Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) and the patient focused care model.

What is Personal Health Information?

Personal health information includes any facts collected to help provide health care or payments for health care for patients or residents. Examples are:

  • name, address and Personal Health Identification Number (Province of Manitoba PHIN).
  • facts about the patient’s or resident’s health, health care history and the health care provided.
  • facts about payment for health care.

This information is used in keeping with the Act, and it is shared only with those who need to know. For instance, it might be used it to:

  • provide and check on health care or assess treatment.
  • teach and train health care students.
  • do research and planning for health care we provide.

Under the law the rights of patients and residents include:

  • having access and/or receiving a copy of their health record.
  • asking for corrections to be made on their records.
  • privacy of their information. Unless the law authorizes sharing it with others, the Centre cannot and will not give out any information without the patient’s or resident’s consent.
  • making a complaint to Manitoba’s Ombudsman’s Office about access to their personal health information, or about how it is collected, stored, used or disclosed to others.
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