Our Approach

A Healing Environment

Riverview is designed to look and feel more like a residence than a hospital.

Why? Research confirms that a home-like environment has a tremendous positive impact on patients’ attitudes and sense of well-being. They not only enjoy a better quality of life, but they also recover and heal more quickly.

Riverview’s architectural design and delivery of services help patients to feel at home in their units. Patients also have the option to use the facilities of the central community area. All buildings in the complex are linked to a “Town Square”, complete with Family Room, cafeteria, worship Centre, gift shop and hair salon.

At Riverview Health Center, we believe in Patient Focused Care, where our patients, residents, and their families are actively involved in care decisions, along with their doctors, nurses, and other care providers.

Meals, medicines and a wide spectrum of first-rate clinical, therapeutic and support services are provided directly to patients in their rooms or nearby service areas. The benefits are clear. Patients feel better about themselves. Patients, family and staff communicate more effectively. Body and mind heal more quickly. The patient enjoys the best possible quality of life. 

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