Update on Deliveries for Patients/Residents

11 June 2020

We are pleased to report that we are now able to accept limited food/flower/plant deliveries for patients/residents, with the following requirements:

Any food/flowers/plants delivered for patients or residents must be strictly for that individual patient/resident only. Such items may not be shared with any other patients/residents/staff (and we are not able to accept communal gifts such as food or flowers for staff to share, although we appreciate the generous intention behind that)

Please maintain physical distancing when dropping items off – that is, you will be directed by staff where to place the items to avoid being within 6 feet/2 metres of staff

Items for delivery to a patient’s/resident’s room will be collected and delivered as quickly as possible, but when staff are available to do so. Therefore, please do not deliver perishable items, as delivery may not be able to be the same day, depending on volume of deliveries

Essential personal items continue to be accepted (e.g. toothpaste, tissues, lotion, etc.). Please ensure they are clean and appropriately packaged/bagged (e.g. dentures in a denture container within the plastic bag).

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