Important Announcement for Indoor Hospital and Personal Care Home (PCH) Visitation

July 29, 2020

Effective Saturday, August 1, 2020, Shared Health Manitoba has directed that a non-medical mask or face-covering must be worn by all indoor visitors in Manitoba Personal Care Homes and Hospitals (until that date, this is required in PCH and recommended in Hospital).

Non-medical masks or face-coverings remain recommended (but not required) for all outdoor visits. Please be aware, though, that outdoor tent visits for PCH residents may be moved indoors to our auditorium without notice in the case of inclement weather (e.g. extreme heat, lightning), and visitors should bring non-medical masks or face-coverings with them in case this should occur.

All visitors and PCH designated family caregivers are required to provide their own non-medical mask or face-covering while present within Riverview Health Centre. Failure to bring a mask/face-covering may result in cancellation of your visit.

Sincerely, RHC Leadership Team

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