Research Chair to improve quality of life for those in long-term care

March 3, 2023
A picture of Dr. Genevieve Thompson, Research Chair in Person-Directed Living

Riverview Health Centre continues its long legacy of innovation in regards to the care of residents and patients with the announcement that Riverview Health Centre (RHC) and the College of Nursing at the University of Manitoba’s Rady Faculty of Health Sciences have jointly created a new research chair focused on people living in long-term care.

Starting in February 2023, Dr. Genevieve Thompson, professor with the College of Nursing, is the Research Chair in Person-Directed Living. This newly created Research Chair will utilize and evaluate evidence-informed practice to improve the quality of life of older people and their families, the quality of care, and the quality of work for those employed at RHC.

To reach the goals set out by RHC and the College of Nursing, research will be developed and co-created with those living, working and visiting Riverview Health Centre.

Kathleen Klaasen, CEO, Riverview Health Centre, says “The collaboration will help position RHC at the forefront of research in the field of the care of older people in Canada”.

“The knowledge generated at RHC will benefit those well beyond the walls of the centre, and will seek to create both a sustainable learning network and culture of research within long-term care. Ultimately, the quality of life and quality of care of those who live, work and visit RHC and beyond will benefit from collaborative approach to research, education and practice,” Klaasen says.

Thompson envisions the education of undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral nursing and health professional students in the research process around gerontology, the study of the social, cultural, cognitive and physical aspects of aging. Having students participate in the research will help to enrich their education experience as well as the engagement of residents and patients.

“Riverview has a rich tradition of providing excellent care to a wide array of individuals, from those needing rehabilitation to those approaching the end of their life. There are also those for whom RHC has become their home. Ensuring that they remain healthy and engaged citizens of their community is a critical aspect of ensuring quality of life and a key aspect of my research,” Thompson says.

Winnipeg-born Thompson is a nurse with a PhD, who specializes in improving the care of those living, dying, visiting and working in long-term care. Dr. Thompson’s research focus has been to explore issues related to palliative approaches, person-centred and relational practices, and quality care for older adults-particularly for persons living in long-term care facilities.

Thompson has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, presented at national and international conferences, and contributed several invited book chapters to authoritative palliative care and geriatric textbooks. She also holds certification in Hospice Palliative Care Nursing through the Canadian Nurses Association. In 2022, she received awards from the Manitoba Gerontological Nurses Association and the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba.

Riverview Health Centre is thrilled to be working with Dr. Thompson and looks forward to applying the knowledge gained through her research to continue to enhance the quality of life for patients, residents and staff at RHC.

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