Family Update January 26, 2023

January 26, 2023

Respiratory Outbreak Updates:

  • We have one COVID-19 outbreak on AB2:
    • 3 residents are positive, and 2 have recovered.
    • At this time, no general visitors are allowed.  Virtual visits are available.
    • Designated Caregivers are allowed to visit if considered essential but need to understand the potential risks of exposure.  Designated Caregivers need to be supervised donning and doffing PPE and should not access the PPE by themselves.
    • Group activities are cancelled including hair appointments – residents will be kept on unit unless medically essential (i.e. doctor’s appointments, etc.)
    • Staff are Cohorting to one side of unit as best possible.
    • Additional support to monitor residents is in place.
    • Increased cleaning of high touch surfaces on unit will occur.
  • We have a common cold outbreak on AB1 with 3 residents who have cold symptoms, a common cold virus has been identified:
    • Symptomatic residents are under Enhanced isolation until COVID ruled out, IP&C can re-evaluate precautions once results received down to Droplet/Contact as appropriate.
    • Cohort staff to one side as best possible
    • No general visitors.  Designated visitors only (as required)
    • Staff are reinforcing physical distancing between residents while on unit, and while dining.
    • Staff are ensuring all residents have hand hygiene before and after eating.
    • Group activities are cancelled on both sides.
    • Staff are grouping their work to move from well residents to sick, finishing with symptomatic residents last (if possible)
    • Enhanced cleaning of high touch areas at least twice daily and when visibly soiled is occurring.

Vaccine Clinics:

We held a Bi-valent vaccine clinic on Jan. 19th.   Designated Caregivers, visitors and staff are encouraged to get their Bi-valent vaccine as soon as you are eligible.

  • Additional Bi-valent vaccine clinics and Flu clinics will be planned as needed.


  • Masks continue to be required to be worn by all staff and all families and visitors at RHC and in all health care facilities.

Changes to Visitation Guidelines

  • Visitation for residents of long-term care facilities across Manitoba is expanding as restrictions in place throughout the COVID-19 pandemic continue to loosen in light of high rates of vaccination and reduced severity of illness, as confirmed by Shared Health. Visitor restrictions have evolved throughout the pandemic. Changes in visitor restrictions are informed by the latest data and advice from experts in infection prevention and control.
  • Long-term care facilities are now beginning to manage visitation according to the capacity and outbreak status of their facility. Previous guidance placed limits in some circumstances on the number of designated caregivers and general visitors that could attend at a time.
    • RHC is continuing to recommend that families and visitors limit the number in the room to two at a time.
    • RHC is continuing to recommend no more than four people in the room at End of Life (EOL)
    • RHC is continuing to recommend physical distancing in the resident/patient room and in shared spaces such as the Solarium and when walking in hallways.
    • Masks continue to be required.
    • Hand Hygiene continues to be required.
  • Visitation will be impacted in the case of a confirmed or potential outbreak at RHC.
    • General Visitors are not permitted during an outbreak, except in EOL situations.
    • Designated Caregivers should visit virtually where possible.  In-person visitation is considered in order to meet the care needs of the resident/patient
  • Effective immediately RHC will no longer have screeners sitting at the front entrance but instead there will be two stations at the front entrance where you are asked to review the screening questions.  Please do not visit if you have any symptoms/illness.
  • You are asked to remove your mask, hand sanitize, put on a new mask provided on the table and proceed to the unit.
  • You are asked to review the board immediately behind the table as latest outbreak information will be posted.
  • These changes reflect the vital role that visitors and caregivers play in the mental wellbeing and overall wellness of long-term care residents. Visitors and designated caregivers should continue to screen for signs or symptoms of illness and should stay home if they are unwell.
  • There are no changes to visitation for acute care facilities.

Definition Reminders:

  • Designated Caregivers: provide physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and cultural support, as deemed important by the resident/patient. This care can include support in decision making, care coordination and continuity of care.  This can include family members, close friends or other caregivers who are identified by the resident/family or substitute decision maker.  (Note: Designated caregiver language replaces essential care partner and designated family caregiver).
  • General Visitors: are family and friends who visit for social reasons.  Their time with the resident/patient is discretionary and short term.  They are not involved in the care of the resident/patient.
    • Residents/patients and family, please organize your visits to comply with recommendations above.
      • Please do not wait in the cafeteria until the previous visitors leave.
  • Designated Caregivers can visit outside of the resident/patient room, providing that physical distancing can be maintained from other residents/patients and their Designated Caregivers
  • Please wear your mask for the duration of your visit, practice good hand hygiene and you are encouraged to maintain physical distancing.  Following these precautions is for the benefit of all residents/patients.
  • Please, no eating or drinking in the resident/patient’s room.
  • Please screen for illness, do not come to visit, even if slightly ill.  Do let us know if you are awaiting a test result or if you have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Visiting hours are no longer restricted. 

Thank you all for your support. Be well.

RHC Leadership

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