Personal and Professional Benefits

Why start a career at Riverview Health Centre? Here are some great reasons:

An Organizational Culture of Trust and Respect

The organizational culture at Riverview Health Centre is one that is grounded in mutual respect, trust and the expectation that both employees and management will work diligently towards the common goal of providing exemplary patient-focused care.

Riverview has been around for a long time – 100 years, in fact! The Centre is known for its ability to change with the times, from treating communicable diseases in the early 1900s, to providing long term care for an increasingly aging population in mid-20th century, to its role today as a modern rehabilitation and long-term care facility and research center.

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Those who accept the opportunity to become part of Riverview’s staff soon understand how this long legacy of care has helped the climate at the Centre to be flexible, responsive, far-sighted, compassionate and dedicated to both the staff as well as to the patients and residents.

Because of this positive organizational culture, Riverview attracts leaders who are forward thinking and future oriented. Riverview’s leaders are individuals who can be trusted to make decisions with a clear vision and a team-oriented approach, which ultimately creates a supportive work environment for all staff.

Meaningful Work and Quality Work Life

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Two factors that are important in the development of a satisfying career are: meaningful work and a high-quality work life. Both of these factors are available at Riverview Health Centre.

Health care is one of the most rewarding and important employment fields available. If you want to build a meaningful career in an area where you can help people meet their potential, you have come to the right place: Riverview is recognized as a leader in Palliative Care, Long Term Care and Personal Care. As well, staff at the Centre are experts in acquired brain injury and stroke rehabilitation, and the Centre is becoming acclaimed for its work in these areas.

Many initiatives at Riverview ensure that employees will enjoy a high-quality work life. As a staff member, you will have access to daily conveniences that make going to work enjoyable, such as accessible parking, an internet café and a spacious cafeteria with access to an outdoor courtyard. You’ll also have at your disposal a fully-equipped, employees only health club, and you’ll be happy to discover that the Centre has an on-site massage therapist – also for employees only!

A staff injury prevention program at Riverview emphasizes employee safety and health: you can rest assured that your health and well-being are considered highly important.

The PEP Team (Positively Engaging People Team) at Riverview helps bring special staff social activities and events while promoting health and well- being. Events have included fitness bootcamps, yoga, recipe exchanges, pumpkin carving contests and much more!

Your contributions to the Centre will be lauded on both a daily, ongoing basis and in formal ways. You will find yourself receiving on-the-spot recognition from managers and co-workers for your extra efforts. Annually, all employees are honored at Riverview’s well-organized Staff Appreciation Day. In the fall of each year, a long service and retirement recognition reception takes place for those attaining ten or more years of service at five-year intervals. Recognized employees are treated to a special dinner in honour of their commitment and dedication for their time at Riverview.

Connecting with the Community

Riverview Health Centre is not an island of health care in the middle of the surrounding neighborhood and larger community. Rather, it is an integral part of the community as it forges connections, encourages communication and shares the natural beauty of the area.

At the grass roots level, Riverview is pleased be able to share its park-like grounds with its neighbors. Meticulously maintained lawns and flower beds, bird feeders, walkways and benches are available to anyone who wishes to enjoy nature. Staff, patients and visiting families have access to a many-windowed conservatory, which is full of natural light. During the holiday season in December, you’ll be thrilled by the Centre’s Festival of Lights, a festive, multi-colored light display shared with the whole community.

Further afield from its immediate community are the affiliations Riverview has nurtured with educational institutions and their student practice programs. Riverview is happy to support the learning of future colleagues by opening its doors to these students. The Centre hosts just under 500 affiliating students per year who undertake clinical and practical work placements covering a myriad of areas of expertise, including nursing, allied health professions (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Pharmacists, Registered Dietitians, Spiritual Health Providers, Social Workers) and support professions (Health Care Aides). Numerous colleges, universities and technical institutes from all over the country are involved, with Red River College and University of Manitoba representing about 80 percent of placements.

Riverview staff are compassionate supporters of those in need, and they show this caring altruism through their involvement with various community organizations. You can easily become involved in this generosity of spirit by watching for announcements from the PEP Team. As well, staff are encouraged to be philanthropic towards Riverview’s own community through donations to the Riverview Health Centre Foundation.

Another valuable program that connects Riverview with the community is its thriving Volunteer Program. You may have interested friends or family members who would like to support Riverview’s programs and services while garnering experience in their areas of interest. For more information, click on the main tab “Volunteering.

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