Awards and Recognition

Recognizing Great Employees

As an employee of Riverview Health Centre, you are eligible to apply for a variety of awards that recognize your contributions to the employment setting, with five of these providing funding to staff for work-related continuing education. The Centre is pleased to make these awards available each year and encourages you to investigate your eligibility.

Past recipients have pursued a variety of courses of study, including Bachelor of Nursing, Registered Nursing diploma, Bachelor of Arts in Psychiatry and Conflict Resolution, Bachelor of Social Work, certification as Health Unit Clerk, certification in Palliative Care Nursing, Masters of Science in Medical Rehabilitation and undergraduate studies leading towards medical school, to name just a few. The sky is the limit, and if you are involved in upgrading your education in a way that will benefit your work at the Centre, you may be in a position to receive one of these awards.

A picture of Ilia Murray receiving the 2011 Quality Champion award with Norman Kasian, President and CEO or Riverview Health Centre
Our President and CEO, Mr. Norman Kasian,
congratulates Ilia Murray, the recipient of
the 2011 Quality Champion Award.

Awards For Furthering Education

  • The Robert (Bob) B. Brennan Riverview Health Centre Foundation Education Award
    The Riverview Health Centre Foundation has offered the Robert (Bob) B. Brennan Award since 2003 to assist employees with the advancement of their professional education. The award honors inaugural Riverview Health Centre Foundation Chair Bob Brennan, who provides passionate and committed leadership to the Centre’s fundraising arm.
  • The Jean Cummings’ Award
    The Jean Cummings’ Award provides the recipient with financial assistance to pursue work-related continuing education. This award is a lasting tribute to the late Riverview Health Centre Board member Jean Cummings, who worked diligently to enhance the stature of the Centre during her 10-year tenure on the Board.
  • The Honorable Israel Nitikman Award
    Established in 1988, the Honorable Israel Nitikman Award pays homage to the late former Manitoba Judge, Israel Nitikman. The award provides funds for recipients to further their education in a way that will benefit the practice of nursing at Riverview Health Centre.
  • The Edwin Norton Riverview Health Centre Foundation Education Award
    The Edwin Norton Award, funded by the Riverview Health Centre Foundation, was established in 2005 to honour the late Edwin Norton, who was a founding member of the Riverview Health Centre Foundation and was on the Board for nine years. The award is made available to assist Centre employees with the advancement of their professional education while providing a lasting tribute to Mr. Norton’s philanthropic spirit.
  • The Princess Elizabeth (P.E.) Guild Award
    The P.E. Guild Award was established in 2005 by the members of the P.E. Guild. The Guild members wanted to recognize the efforts of support staff engaged in on-going educational endeavors. The fund provides opportunities for these employees to acquire knowledge that will benefit the practice of patient and resident care at the Centre.

Awards Of Recognition

  • The Berit Hack Quality Distinction Award for TeamsIn honour of Berit Hack, retired Chief Nursing Officer at Riverview Health Centre, this award is given to a patient care team, a service team or a professional discipline team to recognize exceptional continuous improvement initiatives and customer service excellence.

    Berit Hack’s career at Riverview spanned 23 years, and during that time she championed her conviction that all employees can make a difference, no matter what their job may be. This award in her honour acknowledges employees for their efforts in working together to improve quality in all areas of care. It reflects the Centre’s belief that teamwork is a key factor in meeting the ultimate goal of focusing care on the patients and residents.
  • The Lori Yaworsky Quality Champion Award Lori Yarworsky was the Support Services Manager at Riverview Health Centre for over 20 years before she passed away in 2002. In memory of the high standards set by this inspiring long-term employee, the Lori Yaworsky Award was initiated to recognize a staff member who has demonstrated exceptional and consistent quality customer service. The recipients of this award are nominated by other staff at the Centre. Just as Lori would celebrate the achievements of her colleagues and staff, this award lets the recipient know that individual initiatives can have a positive effect, whether working directly with patients or providing services to other clients at Riverview.
A picture of Riverview Health Centre's Quality Champion Award
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