Research News

26 January 2022

Research Competition 2022

The winner of the Riverview Health Research Competition 2020 was Dr. Linda Balneaves, College of Nursing, University of Manitoba, for her investigation “Is the Grass Greener? Practice, Policy and Perspectives of Cannabis use at Riverview Health Centre”. The research questions to be addressed by Dr. Balneaves are:

  1. What are the current policies related to cannabis use at RHC and how do they correspond with existing governmental cannabis policies?
  2. What are the experiences, beliefs, and preferences regarding cannabis use among RHC residents and family members?
  3. What are the experiences and perceptions of healthcare professionals and administrators regarding the use of cannabis at RHC?
  4. What are the perceived barriers/facilitators to cannabis use at RHC from the perspective of residents, family members, healthcare professionals, and administrators?
  5. What are the educational needs, attitudes, and practices of healthcare professionals at RHC related to medical cannabis?

Current research access protocol:

At the moment, the only research that may be conducted at Riverview Health Centre is that which is conducted by:

  1. current RHC staff on RHC residents and patients, in patient/resident areas; Research Assistants must be RHC staff;
  2. Non-RHC staff whose research has no in-person subjects, and must be conducted in non-resident/patient areas; e.g. chart reviews, written surveys, web-based, etc.

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