PPE Changes – May 10th

May 10, 2023

Hello Residents/Patients/Clients/Families,

Beginning tomorrow, May 10th, we will return to PPE use as determined by Routine Practices and Additional Precautions. That means the “mask on” requirement for everyone will change to “mask friendly. This is a big shift, as we have all been wearing masks and eye protection for the past three years.

We respect that some residents/patients/clients/families and staff may choose to continue to wear masks AND residents/patients/clients may ask that a mask be worn while they are receiving care.

We will have updated “mask friendly” signage with our stand-alone hand sanitizer dispensers and boxes of masks at our entrances. Our cafeteria will once again have more table and chairs, the solarium will be able to welcome more people to its sunny space, and masking tape used to reinforce physical distancing will begin to disappear from our floors. This is possible, in part, because of your ongoing dedication to creating a safe and healthy space for residents/patients/clients, families and staff at RHC – thank you!

Managers and educators will help refresh staff knowledge of Routine Practices and Additional Precautions, as well as point of care risk assessments. We ask that you continue to pre-screen prior to visiting and that you stay home if you are feeling unwell. 

We will continue to handle outbreaks, COVID-19 or otherwise, following our usual Infection Prevention & Control procedures.

It’s been a long three years and we look forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces!

Thank you.

RHC Leadership

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