Rob’s Hair Cut for RHC!

Rob, Manager, Clinical Support & Relief Team at RHC is cutting his hair!

When COVID started, and things were beginning to shut down I eventually wasn’t able to go get my hair cut. As the months turned into a year, then two years, I continued to let my hair grow. It got to the point, much to my wife and daughters dismay, where I began to enjoy having long flowing locks!! It was great at beer league hockey, getting lots of “Great Flow” comments from the guys I played with, not that it helped me play any better though! It also allowed me to reminisce when I was young and had long hair.

Well, it has been great having long hair again, but it is time for me to cut it. In thinking about cutting it I thought I could actually raise a bit of money for the Riverview Health Center Foundation, seeing that I had a few people that said they would pay me to cut my hair!!

So time for everyone to put their money up for a good cause!!

Your gift will help deliver programs like recreation activities, provide new equipment and fund research, all helping to improve the quality of life for patients, residents and clients here at Riverview. It will also allow you to see me with short hair once again!

Supporting me in this will support the Riverview Health Center Foundation and make my family happy!!

All this said, I plan on cutting my hair on June 16th, the Friday before Father’s Day. Just so I can give my daughters back the dad they knew growing up!! It will also make my wife happy!

Any donation of $20 or more will get you a tax receipt.

For a last enticement to donate… Whoever makes the largest donation, if they can make it on June 16th, I will let them shave my head!! (With a #3 guard on that is!!)