Resident Stories: Michael

Michael moved into Riverview Health Centre in March 2022, unsure of what to expect as he had been fairly active for most of his life. As Michael nears his one-year anniversary, he looks forward to the daily activities and programming offered by the Therapeutic Recreation Facilitators at Riverview Health Centre.

His favourite activity by far is Bingo, as he used to play it quite often before moving to Riverview, and he wins a lot! His second favourite activity to participate in is floor curling. Michael thinks the Recreational Therapy Program at Riverview is really great and very important to residents and patients. “I look forward to taking part in as much as I possibly can!”

Therapeutic Recreation is the specialized application of recreation and experiential activities that assist in maintaining or improving health status, functional capabilities, and ultimately the quality of life of persons with unique needs. It is a purposeful activity directed at the individual and their environment which aims to enhance health and to impact functioning in everyday life. Therapeutic recreation may include drama, music, arts and crafts, sports, gardening, photography, dance and movement, and games to support the goal of assisting the individual to maximize enjoyment of leisure time, optimal health and the highest possible quality of life.

“When residents move into Riverview, a member of the Therapeutic Recreation team sits down with them to get to know them, completes an assessment and discusses what they have liked to participate in over their lifetime,” says Candice Antazo, Therapeutic Recreation Facilitator (TRF) Lead at Riverview. The TRF can then develop a recreation plan that is meaningful and welcoming for the new resident, with a goal of benefitting the quality of life for each individual, like Michael.

“The Riverview Therapeutic Recreational Facilitators utilize a wide range of activity and techniques to improve the physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and leisure needs of residents and patients,” says Antazo. “Therapeutic Recreation is used to support purposeful and meaningful experiences that are based on individual strengths and values.”

Riverview is grateful to have such a dedicated group of Therapeutic Recreational Facilitators. Michael is enjoying living at Riverview and is happy that he is able to stay active, “I look forward to the activities and the staff are always cheering me on.”

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