Patient Stories: Jules

August 31, 2014 was a life-changing day for Jules. What started out as a quick ATV ride with his friends ended with him waking up in a hospital five months later.

At just 32 years old, Jules had lost control of his quad outside of Kelowna and fell 75 feet down a cliff. He was wearing a helmet but had not secured the chin strap – a decision he regrets to this day. He sustained a brain injury, a broken jaw, and awoke from a coma with no memory of the last six months of his life.

Once he was well enough to begin his rehabilitation, he was transferred to Riverview Health Centre to be closer to family supports in Winnipeg.

As the only Acquired Brain Injury rehabilitation program in the province of Manitoba, Riverview Health Centre staff help many younger people like Jules regain their lives after such an accident.

Jules remembers arriving in Winnipeg, feeling sick to his stomach from the air and car travel and being so weak that he could barely push himself in his wheelchair. In fact, he could only use his legs to move his wheelchair as his hands were so contracted from his accident.

He also remembers being angry – “I did not appreciate my life right after the accident.”

But the staff at Riverview believed in him and showed kindness. Their belief motivated him and gave him hope that he would walk again.

Jules and his son, Jamon

Jules became very focused on walking again with one goal in mind – to get back to his son Jamon.

So Jules began to work. He spent five days a week in the gym at Riverview with the occupational therapists. “The parallel bars were the hardest but also the most rewarding for me. That is where I took my first steps!”

Patients like Jules are able to take those first steps because of donors like you.

Through the generosity of the community, the Foundation is able to purchase the equipment needed in the rehabilitation gym. Your support ensures all patients have the tools they need to get the most out of each therapy session.

Jamon helping his dad work on rehab

“The staff have a special place in my heart, they let me vent when I needed to and they pushed me to do more each day. I would not be walking again without them.”

Through hard work and the care of the staff at Riverview and his family, Jules began seeing results and after 18 months Jules was able to walk with the help of a walker. It was now time for Jules to get back to his son.

Jamon, now 14, is able to spend every weekend with his father and they are so thankful for each day they have together.

Jules is so appreciative of the community support that helped fuel his outlook on life. A life that is right beside his son, Jamon.

Donors like you help to ensure that patients like Jules have an enriching experience at Riverview, through support of equipment, programs, and activities that help to rebuild the body and mind.

Supporter donations help to ensure the Riverview Health Centre Foundation is able to respond to requests from staff for items they need to deliver great care.

Story written in March 2022.

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