Individuals, groups or families may adopt a bench in honour of a loved one, to celebrate a special occasion or simply to show your support and appreciation. 

Help enhance the park like grounds at Riverview Health Centre by Adopting-a-Bench.

A donation of $7,500 will fund a personalized dedication for 10 years.

Selecting a Site

  • You are able to include your two preferred locations on the enrollment form.
  • Riverview Health Centre Foundation (RHCF) staff will confirm with you if this bench is still available.
  • Currently existing bench locations are the options available. At this time Riverview Health Centre (RHC) is not installing new bench locations. This may be looked at in the future, however.

Timing and Duration

  • Funding in full is required.
  • Plaque working must be received within 60 days of funding.
  • Installations occur in the summer months only and can take between 6-8 weeks to complete.
  • RHCF cannot guarantee the installation date.
  • Dedications expire 10 years from the date of installation and can be renewed at the rate in place at the time of renewal. If we are unable to contact you, the site will be made available for others to dedicate.


  • Only one plaque is allowed per bench.
  • Only alphanumeric characters and punctuation marks are allowed.
  • Plaques allow for up to four lines of text and 38 characters per line (space and punctuation count as characters).
  • Advertising or promotion is not allowed.
  • Text will be centred and sized to fit the entire available space.
  • RHCF reserved the right to deny a bench inscription if it is deemed to be hurtful or offensive to others.
  • Plaques can be changed for a fee of $650 (non-tax deductible).


  • In compliance with Canada Revenue Agency donations are non-returnable and become the legal property of the done (Riverview Health Centre Foundation) once gifted. 
  • Dedicated benches including plaques, remain the property of Riverview Health Centre Foundation and Riverview Health Centre.
  • Altering the dedicated bench or its surroundings is not allowed. This includes etching, painting, staining, decorating or planting flowers. 
  • Riverview Health Centre retains the right to use land adjacent to the dedicated bench as it deems appropriate. RHCF will inform you of any changes that require relocation.
  • Prices are subject to change and may be adjusted annually as required.

Still have questions? Please give the Foundation a call at 204-478-6271.

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