To many people, “health research” is a scientific process that seldom has a direct benefit to current patients and residents. Often by the time research has been published, it may already have become somewhat outdated.

One method to help ensure that patients and residents at Riverview Health Centre receive the best and timely care based upon scientific evidence is to fund and foster research appropriate to their needs.

Annual research competitions are held to financially support investigations that link university and college based academic researchers with Riverview Health Centre clinical staff. These projects examine the unique needs of RHC patients and residents.

Medical residents and fellows annually may receive funding to support their required research, focused on the issues in respirology, geriatric medicine, palliative care, rehabilitation and victims of stroke. These are all specialty areas at RHC.

University based researchers from across Canada are welcomed to include the residents, patients and staff as part of their national multi-site investigations. Plans are well underway to implement a five-year plan strengthening research throughout RHC, with particular attention to emerging areas within rehabilitation.

Recent research investigations
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