Message From The Chair

Riverview Health Centre is a facility that offers hope and comfort to those Manitobans and their families who are living with long term illness or debilitating conditions. The Riverview Health Centre Foundation is an organization of dedicated volunteers and staff who work hard to further enhance the Centre’s ability to provide quality care and home-like surroundings for all those in need of its services.

It is my privilege to serve as Chair of Riverview Health Centre Foundation, this year especially. I am pleased that my position is aided by a dedicated group of volunteer Board members who assist in providing both short and long-term direction for the Foundation.

Annually it is the task of the Foundation Board and its staff to inform Manitobans about the role that Riverview Health Centre plays in delivering health care to Manitobans. In addition to the informational role, the Foundation works to provide the Health Centre with additional financial resources to allow Riverview to continue to improve; with the support of our donor base we have been able to achieve this goal.

The Covid pandemic has made these past few years exceptionally challenging. Not only were we unable to host most of our fundraising events, the Foundation was asked to provide additional funding to purchase social media resources so that the health centre staff would be able to deal with isolation issues of their residents and patients due to the pandemic. The Foundation staff needed to be more inventive in reaching out to their donor base which was also experiencing isolation and financial uncertainty as the pandemic took hold.

As we look forward to 2022 it is my hope as Chair that we will continue to speak to our donors in a manner that allows you to recognize our role and to continue your generous support of the facility as you have with our last two major campaigns, those being the palliative care renovation and the development of the Alzheimer’s Centre of Excellence. I feel honored in my position and I look forward to working with you either as a volunteer or as a donor or both.

Chair, Board of Directors

Ralph Fyfe