Research plays an essential role in enhancing the well-being of individuals with chronic or terminal illnesses, or those requiring rehabilitation services.

With the growing number of seniors in the province, it is of paramount importance for health care professionals to be equipped with tools and knowledge that will enable them to provide the most up-to-date treatment and care for individuals with palliative needs and age-related illnesses. As well, environmental elements that will improve quality of life - both for people in long term care and for those requiring lengthy rehabilitation - must be identified and practically applied.

With this in mind, Riverview Health Centre has worked hard to become a centre of excellence in research concerning its areas of expertise and its client population. These include, broadly, environmental considerations for inpatient facilities, chronic and progressive illnesses and end of life care. Staff, academics and professionals interested in conducting studies in these areas of health care will find unparalleled opportunities at the research arm of the facility - the Riverview Research Centre.

Researchers are welcome to contact the Centre with their ideas, or to find out about the annual research competition at:

Manager - Research
Riverview Research Centre
One Morley Avenue Winnipeg
Manitoba R3L 2P4
(204) 478-6215