In a traditional hospital, patients must accommodate themselves to procedures and schedules made for the convenience of various departments. Those who need treatment or therapy may spend hours being moved from one building to another, lost in a parade of strange faces, confusing corridors and crowded waiting rooms.

We have a different approach - Patient Focused Care. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other care providers are organized around the needs of patients. Meals, medicines and a wide spectrum of first-rate clinical, therapeutic and support services are provided directly to patients in their rooms or nearby service areas. The benefits are clear. Patients feel better about themselves. Patients, family and staff communicate more effectively. Body and mind heal more quickly. The patient enjoys the best possible quality of life.

Program Management  

Riverview Health Centre is organized to provide patient and resident care services using a "program management" approach.

This means that, instead of having independent departments working in isolation, all care providers work in interdisciplinary Patient Care Teams. The members of each team include all core services required by the identified patient and resident population. For example, the Patient Care Team for Palliative Care includes physicians, nurses, therapists, social worker, pharmacist and other involved disciplines, all managed by a single Patient Care Manager. This promotes holistic care for patients and residents and ensures that care is effectively coordinated. Program Management also reduces the layers of management within the organization, resulting in improved responsiveness to changing patient and resident care needs.