March, 18 2021 COVID-19 Update

18 March 2021

18 March 2021

Personal Care Home Update

We are pleased to report there have been no new positive COVID-19 staff cases announced over the past week.  To date, we have had no RHC residents test positive for COVID-19.   We continue to closely monitor our residents, and will test for COVID-19 should anyone develop symptoms.  

Vaccine News

Our third immunization clinic was successfully completed today.  We were able to immunize newly admitted Residents and complete second doses for Residents who were ill or hospitalized during previous rounds.   In addition, we completed immunizations for patients from our hospital units that are waiting to move to a Personal Care Home and those who met the provincial age requirement.  

Program/Hospital Update

There have been no new reported staff or patient COVIDcases on our program/hospital side of Riverview Health Centre.  We continue to closely monitor our patients, and will test for COVID-19 should anyone develop symptoms.

Regular updates will continue to be provided on this web page and through our COVID-19 phone line.  If you have questions specific to your loved one’s health condition, please contact the nursing staff on the unit.

RHC Senior Leadership Team