June 29, 2021 COVID-19 Update

29 June 2021

June 29, 2021

Dear Families,

We have a few updates and reminders that we wanted to share with you.  All Designated Family Caregivers/Essential Care Partners and General Visitors must be screened at the main front entrance each time you visit.  We must all follow Public Health recommendations including hand hygiene (especially before and after putting on and taking off your mask and eye shield) wearing of PPE – masks and eye shields even when outside, and maintaining physical distance of 6 ft/2m regardless of where you are visiting.  We will continue to keep a log of your visits for contact tracing if it were to be required. Visitor restrictions are in place to reduce the number of individuals that enter facilities in order to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19 to staff and residents.  With the variants still circulating, we must continue to be cautious and diligent to prevent an outbreak.  

Outdoor and “Pod” visits are still preferred and are the safest way to visit.  Designated Family Caregivers/Essential Care Partners are encouraged to be vaccinated and when you show proof of vaccination, you can visit, two at a time even when you reside in different households.  General Visitors must continue to show proof of full vaccination (both doses, at least 14 daysafter the second dose) each time you visit.  You are now able to eat/drink when you visit, but  you must maintain 6 ft/2m of physical distance while your mask is off, that you put your mask back on as soon as you have finished eating/drinking and that you hand sanitize and doff and don your mask safely. You must not share food, beverages or utensils with others. If you are going to have food/drink during your visit, please bring hand sanitizer with you and use it each time you touch/remove your mask. 

We continue to ask that General Visitors book an appointment, preferably at minimum one day ahead of when you would like to come.  Please call 204-478-6208, Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30 to book an appointment (reminder that July 1st is a holiday).  Keep in mind that we may need to ask you to choose a day later in the week or a time later in the day, as we manage the numbers of visitors on site at any given time. General Visitors may book a visit outside, and all visitors must be screened at the front entrance, not just the person coming in to get the resident/patient.  And all must be masked when visiting outside, including when taking your loved one for a walk. When there is no COVID-19 activity on a unit, we will follow the provincial pandemic response which currently allows for up to 10 people visiting on a private property.  Riverview Health Centre grounds are considered private property. If there were to be COVID-19 activity on the unit, there would be a maximum of 5 visitors outside including the resident/patient.  

End of life visits are those visits that can occur in approximately the last four weeks of the resident/patient’s life, as estimated by the health care team. There is a maximum of four (4) Designated Family Caregivers/Essential Care Partners per resident or patient, only two (2) may visit at a time. If the resident or patient is fully vaccinated, two (2) general visitors may visit. The care team will be in contact with the Designated Family Caregivers/Essential Care Partners if this type of visiting is relevant for your family member. 

In addition:• Faith-based as well as recreation programming will be unit-based, for small groups of residents/patients who are fully vaccinated.  Group sizes will be limited to ensure physical distancing can be maintained. • Short Stay Absences/Leave of Absences can be considered for residents/patients in a green zone (no COVID-19 infection present).  Driver and escort (if needed) must be screened; there should be a maximum of 3 people in the vehicle (including the resident/patient. Please note passes remain discouraged, and should be kept to a minimum, no more than twice a week, for no more than two hours each.  The resident/patient must also wear a mask, it is recommended that the windows be open, and good hand hygiene as well as physical distancing must be maintained in the vehicle as much as possible, as well as at the destination. • Adult Day Program: planning is underway to consider a re-opening plan for those participants who are fully vaccinated. • Vaccination Clinic on-site for second dose for patients/residents and staff will occur the week of July 5th

As visitation and programming is expanding, we must all continue to take every possible precaution to protect the health of your loved ones.  Please get vaccinated if you haven’t already.  Please pre-screen at home and cancel your visit if you are even a little unwell. Please wear the PPE provided for the duration of your visit, inside and outside. Please review the information provided on the proper use of PPE and how to don and doff safely. 

Thank you for your continued support and diligence – it is thispartnership that assists us to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

RHC Leadership