June 16, 2021 COVID-19 Update

18 June 2021

June 16, 2021

Dear Resident Families,

Long Term Care (LTC) On-site Visitation Update – Effective June 21, 2021

As levels of COVID-19 remain high in Manitoba, our efforts to provide residents with safe access to visits by friends and family members continue. Outdoor visits and POD visits are still preferred for general visitors to keep the numbers of those entering the facility and resident rooms to a minimum. We continue to take every precaution to keep your loved one safe, however, we know that social visits are important to the health and well being of our residents. 

With high vaccination rates among our residents and staff, and in the community, we are pleased to be able to offer expanded social visitation for our fully immunized residents and their fully immunized visitors

This will include the ability for general visitors to book a visit, indoors in the resident’s room. A maximum of two general visitors can book a visit at a time.  There will be a maximum of 2 visitors in a resident room at any given time, to maintain physical distancing with the resident.  We ask that general visitors book a visit each time they want to visit.  It is best if the designated family caregiver work with the extended family and friends to determine who wants to visit when, so that we are able to maintain a safe visit space (max. of two visitors at a time in the resident room). Also, please consider when your family member has standing appointments, and book around those. 

You will be able to begin to book a general visit on June 16, 2021 and general visits will start on June 21stThese general visits will be for an hour at a time, booked, between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. We welcome your feedback as we expand.  To book a visit, please contact the visitation line at 204-478-6208, Monday to Friday between 8:30-4:30. The booking staff will keep track of the number of visitors and may need to ask you to adjust your preferred day and/or time, to assist us to maintain a reasonable number of visitors on the premises at any given time. No pets, and no food or beverages will be allowed during these visits. You will be given a colour coded arm band to wear for the duration of your visit.  The colour coding is to distinguish between the designated family caregiver and the general visitor. You will be screened at the 1 Morley Ave entrance, and information will be collected for contact tracing purposes should that be needed. 

Fully immunized residents and visitors are those who havereceived both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and whose second dose was received more than 14 days before the planned visit. Both the resident and the visitor(s) must meet these criteria, visits must be scheduled, and general visitors will be required to show proof of full immunization and photo identificationbefore entry, for each booked visit.  Failure to be able to do so will result in the visit being cancelled. 

Please note: this change only applies to general visitors. There is no change for designated family caregivers. Designated family caregivers will continue to be screened, wear PPE, be asked to physically distance as much as possible, and to follow good hand hygiene. And of course, designated family caregivers are also encouraged to be fully vaccinated to protect your family member and yourself. Should you wish, designated family caregivers are welcome to show proof of vaccination status as well. If you choose to do so, you will have the opportunity to visit at the same time as another fully vaccinated designated family caregivers or general visitors. Full details are available in the attached frequently asked questions document. 

We know the last number of months have been difficult and have required limits on social visits and interaction. We look forward to welcoming fully vaccinated visitors back into our facility and we know you and our residents will be excited by this small step toward “normal” too. 

As we slowly expand visitation, we must all continue to take every possible precaution to protect the health of your loved ones. All visitors will continue to be screened before entry, masks and eye shields must be worn, and anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted. Please pre-screen prior to leaving home andcancel your visit even if you are a little unwell. If the resident is able, they are also asked to wear a mask during each visit. 

We will regularly review opportunities to improve and will learn as we go. We are grateful for your continued cooperation and patience.


RHC Leadership