January 7, 2022 COVID-19 Update

7 January 2022

Family Update January 7, 2022

COVID-19 Update:• There are 3265 new cases, 2168 in Winnipeg• There are 24,595 active cases in Manitoba• Winnipeg has a test positivity rate of 52.6%• The actual numbers and test positivity are estimated to be 8-10 times higher given the number of people who have tested positive using a rapid test or not tested, as well as the backlog of tests to be screened• Please be careful – Practice all of the fundamentals – wear your mask, good hand hygiene, physical distancing, staying home if even slightly unwell, get your booster or your first or second dose of the vaccine– to protect yourself, your resident or patient family member, extended family and our staff• If you have tested positive for COVD-19, please phone and let the manager on your family members’ unitknow so that we can take extra precautions

Outbreak(s) at RHC:• We continue to have one COVID-19 outbreak on 4NR -4West (outbreak declared Dec. 31st)o There continues to be 3 patients who are positive, with mild symptomso No staff have tested positive related to this outbreak• We continue to have an RSV outbreak on CD4 (outbreak declared Dec. 10th)o There are now 4 residents who are positive. All are doing well. Eight residents have recovered and we had one resident death related to this outbreak.• We are doing BID (twice a day) symptom monitoring because of close contact on a number of units throughout the building

Staffing:• We now have 39 staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 and 13 staff have been cleared to return to work• Updated (Jan. 6th) Public Health Orders for COVID-19 Isolation Requirement for Health Care Worker (HCW) Return to Work following Isolation: Fully vaccinated HCWs who have tested positive for COVID-19 are required to self-isolate for a full five (5) days following symptom onset OR following their positive test result (if asymptomatic).  Fully vaccinated HCWs may return to work on day six (6) provided they have been afebrile (without fever) for 24 hours, without using fever-reducing medication.o Staff are to self-screen for lingering symptoms.  Remaining symptoms must be mild and improving, and you must feel well enough to complete your dutieso Meticulous hand hygiene must be performedo Consistent and correct mask and eye protection is requiredo Avoid common areas.  Day 6-10, returning positive HCWs must take their breaks in a separate designated area and ensure strict adherence to physical distancing at all times when masked removed to eat/drink• Pandemic Work Short PlanWe have begun to implement our pandemic work short plan.  The plan incorporates Team-Based Models of Care, where Allied Health partners are reassigned to support the direct care of residents and patients, within their scope of practice and with education support as required. Staffing levels will look different throughout the facility (including on the patient/resident care units), and may change from day to day, or even change within a shift. Our key focus will be SAFETY – those activities that must be done to prevent harm coming to our patients and residents. We will work together to prioritize care.

PPE:• Mask and eye protection must be worn at all times while in a patient care area!  This means when visiting in-room, and coming and going from the entrance• Break rooms/cafeteria remain the highest risk environment.  Please ensure physical distancing and PPE removal for the minimum amount of time in the cafeteria– just while actually eating/drinking – and then replace promptly, with good hand hygiene

Vaccine Clinics:• Our next vaccine clinics will be held on Wednesday, January 12th, for patients and residents in the morning and staff in the afternoon.• Deer Lodge Centre also has two vaccine clinics for staff on Jan. 11th and 13th, 2109 Portage Ave (use the main front entrance), Main Floor Visitation Room, 9:00-5:00, by appointment only, WRHA OESH 204-926-1018 or oesh@wrha.mb.ca

DFC/ECP Visitation:• In order to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, we are limiting Designated Family Caregivers (DFC) and Essential Care Partners (ECP) to one each per resident/patient, at a time.  • Each resident/patient is allowed two DFC/ECP, only one is allowed for in-room visits at a time.• Two DFC/ECP in the room at one time are allowed for end of life visiting, with a total of four end of life visitors designated for each resident/patient.

Thank you all for your understanding as we navigate our way through this Omicron wave of the pandemic.

Be well.

RHC Leadership