January 26, 2022 COVID-19 Update

26 January 2022

Family Update January 26, 2022

COVID-19 Update:

  • The number of cases in Winnipeg continue to grow.  We are working extremely hard to prevent illness and spread of COVID-19 within our facility, but we need your help.  DFC/ECPs please continue to follow the must do’s and don’ts from Jan. 14 update – thank you!  

Outbreak(s) at RHC:

  • We have a new outbreak declared today on 3E Palliative Care
  • Because your health and safety, and that of your loved one, are very important to us, we want to update you on the activity that is underway to address this outbreak:
    • All other patients on the unit will be tested for COVID-19.
    • We are still allowing end of life visitation on the unit. However, please be advised that there must be STRICT adherence to properly wearing all required PPE. Any visitors who do not wear their PPE as directed may be asked to leave, and may have their visitation privileges suspended.
    • Visitors will be asked to provide verbal consent to enter the rooms of confirmed COVID positive patients.
    • We may have to further restrict visitation if crowding on the unit becomes unmanageable. We hope we won’t have to, so are going to reassess in the coming day or so.
    • Patients will be asked to stay in their rooms outside of required medical treatments and will be expected to wear their masks as much as possible, if they are able to tolerate it.
    • We continue to use cleaning products known to be effective against this virus and have enhanced the frequency of cleaning on this unit.
    • Staff continue to wear personal protective equipment and perform hand hygiene to prevent spreading of the virus within the unit.
    • Nurses and Doctors are continuing to closely monitor all patients for symptoms of COVID-19 and changes in health status.
    • To maintain physical/social distancing, all common areas on the unit are closed.
    • Thank you for your co-operation as we work to protect you, our staff and our community from COVID-19. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your care team or the Patient Care Manager on 3East.
  • We continue to have an Outbreak of COVID-19 on CD3 in our PCH
    • The two residents are now COVID recovered.
    • There is one swab pending
    • CD3 is a red zone so no visitation can occur at this time
  • We are continuing to do BID (twice a day) symptom monitoring because of close contact on the majority of units throughout the building
  • We are being asked to continue to admit to our Personal Care Home and hospital beds at this time.  This is being considered with support from Infection Prevention & Control (IP&C) to balance resident/patient/staff safety while maximizing PCH and hospital bed capacity and ensuring ongoing delivery of care for those who require our services.  We will assess these on an as needed basis.


  • We continue to have staff who have tested positive for COVID-19, community acquired as well as staff who are recovering and returning to work


  • RHC is planning a vaccination clinic on Feb. 8th
  • The RBC Site at the Convention Centre is open again for walk-ins.  Please get your 3rd dose (or 1st or 2nd dose) as soon as you can. Second dose for 5-11 yr. olds are also available.


  • A reminder about the LTC Visitation Principles from Shared Health:
    • DFC/ECP may not eat or drink together with the resident/patient
    • DFC/ECP may eat/drink in the designated spots in the cafeteria, maintaining physical distancing, remove mask and eye protection carefully, including hand hygiene.  After eating/drinking, perform hand hygiene and don mask and eye protection.  Six feet/two metres must be maintained at any time PPE is removed
    • DFC/ECP once screened, are to go directly to the resident’s/patient’s room without prolonged interaction with others
    • All visits are in-room only at this time

Thank you all for your support and diligence as we navigate our way through this Omicron wave of the pandemic.

Be well.

RHC Leadership