January 18, 2021 COVID-19 Update

18 January 2021

18 January 2021

End of Life Care at RHC

Shared Health Manitoba updated the visiting guidelines Friday, Jan 15th, with respect to essential care partner/designated family caregiver presence at end of life.

The decision related to when an individual is reaching their end of life will be made by the health care team and is unique to the circumstances of each person. While difficult to be precise around when an individual is at end of life, this generally refers to the estimated last two weeks of life. During the last two weeks of life (rapid decline with an estimated survival of less than two weeks), a maximum of four essential care partners/designated family caregivers may be identified to visit. Two may attend at the same time provided physical distancing requirements can be maintained, or both reside in the same household.  

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.    Sincerely,
RHC Senior Leadership Team