December 18, 2020 COVID-19 Update

18 December 2020

18 December 2020

Covid-19 Updates

We are pleased to report our covid-19 status remains stable on our Personal Care Home units.   We are very thankful that we have had no Residents test positive for covid-19.

Effective today, December 18th, Riverview Health Centre’s Personal Care Home is no longer considered in an “outbreak” (which was due to previous but now resolved staff cases).   We’d like to thank our healthcare team, families, designated caregivers and of course our Residents for their tremendous understanding and support during this time.

We are also pleased to report that we have no current active staff or patient cases on our hospital/program units at Riverview Health Centre.  

We continue to closely monitor all of our patients and residents for their overall health, wellbeing and for symptoms of covid-19.  We will continue to test any residents or patients that develop symptoms of covid-19.  Should your loved one’s condition change and they require testing, you will be notified immediately.  

As previously mentioned, with the holiday season just around the corner we have been receiving many questions from families, patients and residents. Please see below for responses to these frequently asked questions:

Q:Will patients and residents be permitted to leave the facility over the holidays to gather with friendsand family?

A:​To help prevent the spread of covid-19, social leaves continue to be strongly discouraged at this time.  As per public health orders, individuals are not permitted to gather outside of their own households over the holidays.

Q:Will current visitation restrictions be lifted over the holidays?

A:​Current visitation restrictions remain in effect over the holidays.  

Q:Can I drop off a present for my family member?

A:​Absolutely!  Presents designated for a specific patient or resident may be dropped off and will be delivered to your loved one.  

Q:May I bring in or drop off food for my family member?

A:​Individually wrapped food items are permitted, however they may not be shared between patients or residents.

Q:Are gifts of food for staff permitted?

A:​To help prevent the spread of covid-19, staff are notable to gather together to share food.  Individually wrapped items for staff members are permitted and appreciated.  Thank you.

Thank you again for your ongoing understanding and support.  Wishing you all the best over the Holidays.  

RHC Senior Leadership Team